Turkey trapping and relocation

The culprit of garden destruction as he creates his mulch mound nest. These nests can be up to 4m in diameter and 1 m high. The turkey is captured using a trap and relocated a minimum of 20km away.

Possum removal and proofing

All trappings and relocations comply with the Environmental Protection Agency. Possum proofing by quotation.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are unwelcome visitors – for a small extra cost we can include rodent control as part of our general pest control. This is a pro-active measure to knock out any foraging rodents before they decide to take up residence. For existing infestations and commercial premises rodent control is recommended every six months.

Pigeon control and proofing

Bird proofing using mesh and stainless steel spikes is also an efficient and non-lethal, permanent method of bird control.

Specialised Ant Control Service

(all garden ants except Termites) Garden ants of any variety are not a structural or health threat to our homes, however they are a nuisance and some can inflict painful stings/bites. Ant control is done by spraying nests and ant trails with Termidor. Warranty is 2 months.

General Pest Control

Cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and household ants. Pestecute recommends that your home is treated for general pests on an annual basis, the best time is at the start of the summer when pests are coming out of hibernation and are about to start breeding.

Termite Prevention, Control & Eradication

Pestecute uses the latest technology for the protection of your home against Termites. Using Termatrac allows a thorough assesment of your property before recommending the appropriate treament.

Professional Cockroach Management

Do you want to permanently rid your premises of cockroaches? “Industry Best Practice” Pestecute uses the latest non-repellent insecticides including Phantom® to compliment the baiting process; this avoids tainting the baits with unpleasant old technology repellent sprays.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes prevent you from using your outdoor areas in summer. Control of Mosquitoes is done by misting/high pressure liquid blowing with a petrol back pack blower into the foliage on your property. This is extremely effective for up to 4 weeks.

Mouse control

The invasion of mice into homes is common, especially in winter where they seek the warmth and also in new developments where their natural harbourage has been over run by housing estates.

rat control

Similar to mice, rats are larger and tend to harbour in roofs. Baits used to kill all rodents are available in many forms, a variety of baits are available depending on size of population and feeding patterns of different species. Rodents can develop resistance to some actives as well as bait aversion.

Bee Control

Migrating bees can take up residence at your home under eaves or gutters. We offer several options for bee control. Chemical jet spraying for high open nests; swarms or hives in wall cavities are chemically dusted with a high pressure blower.

wasp control

The larger the nest the more dangerous it becomes. Generally a chemical spray with a nerve agent is adequate and kills are 100%. Where wasp nests are above fish ponds, chemicals can not be used, physical removal of the nest or the use of a gas flame thrower is suitable.

Flea Control

Tenants with pets will require a flea control as part of your exiting process; Pestecute provides full flea control internally and externally. A 2 month warranty given to the Estate Agent.

Protect your home and health